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We can help you with any step in the energy drink development process, whether it’s formulation, label design, or distribution.

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Start your energy drink company the right way by working with our beverage experts. We can help you with all aspects of creating your own energy drink.

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Energy Drink Company: Starting an energy drink company is easier than most people think. Contract manufactures eliminate the need for most equipment.

The most important thing to consider when developing an energy drink is creating a brand identity. However, before creating a brand, the energy drink company must know the target demographic. It is easier to develop a better beverage that speaks to consumers and can connect with it. The target demographic may dictate everything from the packaging design to the flavor of a product. Understanding the customer is the first step in successful beverage development.

Ingredients: Due to their ingredients, energy drinks have a variety of physiological and psychological effects, improving mental and cognitive performances as well as increasing alertness, subjectively. The caffeine content of energy drinks is a major selling point to many customers. Generally, energy drinks include methylxanthines, vitamin B and herbs. Other common ingredients are guarana, acai and taurine, plus various forms of ginseng, maltodextrin, carbonated water, inositol, carnitine, creatine, glucuronolactone and ginkgo biloba. Some contain high levels of sugar, while other brands offer artificially sweetened "diet" versions.

When choosing a beverage manufacturer it is important to know what type of product processing, packaging and closure the beverage manufacturer offers. Identifying the correct manufacturer that can handle both the processing and the packaging requires significant up front research.

Once one identifies a beverage manufacturer that can support the filling processes, packaging and closures requirements for the beverage product, the next important thing to think about is location. It is important to choose a beverage manufacturer that is geographically convenient for the distribution network.

Selection of the right beverage distributor can lead to good sales. Beverage distributors are the fastest way to get a beverage on the shelves of major retailers and in many instances, are the only way. Some distributors have great relationships with their retailers and get instant distribution of thousands of accounts, provided the brand offers the necessary marketing support the new beverage.