Custom Drink

Thanks to technological improvements, innovation, and years of experience, manufacturing drinks has never been simpler or more cost effective. Creating a custom drink for the ever-thirsty consumer takes advantage of all the resources available to the world's largest drink market.

While the beverage production process has come a long way from brewing tea or pressing grapes, these outdated methods, nonetheless, paved the way for the sleek production processes that is are available today in manufacturing plants. Today's custom drink production process is a blur of machines, conveyor belts, high-speed sanitizers and other machines capable of delivering a high quality product with minimal product loss.

In creating the custom drink, it is important to understand the target market. Carbonation is one of the first considerations. This category is extremely popular, and well-established companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi dominate the high volume sales. However, due to the large number of carbonated beverage consumers, there are a large number of carbonated beverage plants and this process is readily available for the producer wanting to create a custom drink. Another popular category of drinks is diet or low calorie carbonated beverages. This type of custom drink serves the growing population of calorie conscious consumers. As more drinkers become aware of their calorie intake, the diet soda category has proven to be a very profitable sector.